Customize Runner to your needs in Settings.

General Settings

Always Start with a Specific Command

Change this setting if you want to launch Runner with a specific command, or with the Last used command. This means Runner remembers the last command you were using and starts with that next time you launch it.

You can set up custom Shortcuts for each Command.

Remember Runner's Position

Turning this setting on makes sure to keep the Runner window where you positioned it on screen.

Insert Preview at the Bottom

Turning this setting on will show the preview area at the bottom of the Runner window. This is useful if you have long path names for your Symbols.

Show Commands Transition

Turning this setting off will hide the Commands Bar when switching between them with the tab key.

Save Recent Search Queries

Turning this setting on will save your session's search queries locally on your computer. This allows to use the arrow key to access previously typed queries. This only works when the input field is empty.

Show Previously Run Actions

Turning this setting on will remember your executed actions. It will display them in chronological order in Run when the input field is empty.

Hide Emoji in Plugins Menu

Turning this setting on will remove the Runner emoji in the Plugins menu.

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