Your plugin can show custom icons and descriptions for each action in search results and RunBar.

Integrate Your Plugin with Runner

To add a custom Description and Icon to your Plugin, you need to update your manifest.json file. In the example below you'll see how it works. You can add an icon and description. Optionally you can add an alternative icon for macOS dark mode with iconDark. Runner will pick those up and do the rest.

The icons should have a 64×64 resolution to show up crisp in the search results.

    "name": "About Emoji Autocomplete",
    "identifier": "about",
    "script": "index.js",
    "handler": "onSelectAboutMenuItem",
    "icon": "iconRunner.png",
    "iconDark": "iconRunnerDark.png",
    "description": "Learn more about the Emoji Autocomplete plugin."

Custom UI If your plugin relies on custom UI elements, please, add your key functionalities as commands to the menu bar like described above. Only this way users can find and see all the great functionalities you have to offer inside of Runner!

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