Pricing & Account

Free Trial

You can try Runner Pro for free for 14 days. The trial starts after launching Runner for the first time. After the trial expires, the Run and Install commands keep working. You get prompted to create an account and buy the Pro version to gain access to the full feature set.


$35 for a Personal Account. Use on maximum 2 computers simultaneously.
$45 per seat for Team Accounts. This includes access to Team Manager for the Team Admin. Seats can be active on one device at a time.
Prices in USD. VAT may apply. We offer payment options in the local currency for selected markets.

Account Types


Your trial of Runner Pro automatically converts to Basic. You do not need to sign up for an account and can just continue using the free features.

Personal Account

With a Personal Account, the same email address is used for invoicing as for activating and signing in to Runner. This account type is typically used for indie / solo / freelance designers. You need access to your email to sign in to any mac in the future.

Team Account

This accounts is typically used when the one paying the invoice is someone else than the one(s) using the software. If you work at a company with multiple designers that use Runner, this is likely the right type for you.

Transfer Personal seats to a Team

You can upgrade and transfer Personal seats to a new or existing Team account. It currently costs $10 (USD) per seat, or the equivalent amount in your local currency. VAT may apply. To start the transfer process, see instructions below.
Transfer seat(s) to a new or existing team?
Convert 1 seat into a new team?
1. Confirm team owner email and list of accounts Send us a message to [email protected] from the Team Owner’s email address with a list of all Personal accounts you want to transfer. Also explicitly state that your email address is intended to manage the team.
Team Owner: [Email of team owner] Personal seats to transfer: [email protected][email protected] • etc.
2. Consent from Personal accounts Ask every Personal account on your list to send us a message from their email address to provide consent. Find the consent template below.
Subject: Transfer Personal seat to Team of [Email of team owner].
I request that my Runner Pro personal account [Email], will be transferred to a team account administered by [Email of team owner].
3. Receive unique purchase link After we received and confirmed all consent emails, we'll reply to the Team Owner with a checkout link to fulfill the transfer. Once purchase is completed, all seats are automatically transferred and you can sign in to the Team Manager portal to make any changes to your team.
Follow these steps when you only want to change one personal account into a team account with the same email address.
1. Confirm your email address Send us a message to [email protected] from the email address associated with your Personal account with the below consent template filled out.
I request that my Runner Pro personal account [Email] will be converted into a team account.
2. Receive unique purchase link After we received your request, we'll reply with a checkout link to fulfill the transfer. Once purchase is completed, your seat is automatically transferred. You can later add more seats to your team by using your email address as the team owner during checkout.

Team Manager

The Team Account comes with the Team Manager admin dashboard where you can get an overview of active devices, unlink devices to transfer a seat, and add seats when more folks on your team want to use Runner Pro.
Are you already the administrator of a Team? Go to the Team Manager here →

Educational discount

We offer 25% discount to students and teachers. Send an email to [email protected] from your .edu email address, or provide proof of enrollment, and we'll get you set up with the discount.
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