Do you accept purchase orders or special contracts?

No, due to the large volume of inquiries we receive, we cannot process contracts, forms, or purchase orders. Please select one of the account options from our pricing page to place an order.

Runner is not showing up 🤔 What happened?

If you hit the keyboard shortcut, or launch Runner via the menu bar, and it doesn't seem to do anything, it could be that Runner managed to position itself somewhere off screen.

Please go to Runner Settings via the menu bar: Plugins > Runner Pro > Settings > General. And then temporarily turn off Remember Runner’s Position. This should reset the position and bring back Runner to the center of the screen.

If that doesn't fix it for you, please send us feedback through the plugin via Plugins > Runner Pro > Send Feedback.

Can I upgrade from Personal to Team?

Yes, you can. We will charge you the difference in cost between a Personal and Team account. To start the process, please follow the steps to transfer personal seats to a team.

Is Runner paid only?

Nope, we still offer a free version of the plugin! When you first launch Runner Pro, you can start a free 14-day trial and test all its features. After the trial ends, the plugin reverts to Basic Mode, and you can continue using the Run and Install commands. Learn more about the differences between Basic and Pro Accounts on our Pricing page.

Runner looks broken, what should I do?

Please keep in mind Runner Pro is supported for macOS Mojave 10.13+ and Sketch 53+. If you use it on older versions, it can look broken and work in unexpected ways.

If you are on supported versions of macOS and Sketch, and are still experiencing unexpected behavior, please let us know by shooting an email to hello@sketchrunner.com or get in touch via Twitter DM.

Do others also need Runner installed to work with my document?

No, everything you can do with Runner, you can also do with Sketch. Runner is not creating any dependencies. So, it's safe for you to use it, and for others to not have it installed, and work with your Document without issues.

Do I need to use the same email address I used for my Sketch license as for the Runner Pro account?

No, a Runner Pro account is separate from Sketch. You can use any email address you want. Just keep in mind you have access to this email wherever you want to activate your Runner plugin.

Why is there an emoji in the menu title!?

Because it shows Runner high in the plugins menu! If you don't like this behavior, you can turn it off in Settings.

Do you have a discount for students?

Yes we do! We offer a 25% discount to students and teachers. Learn more on how to apply.

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