Select an Artboard, Group, or Layer to create a new Symbol, select a Shape or Text Layer to create a new Shared Style.

By default, you create a Symbol with the Layer name pre-filled as a placeholder. To switch to creating a Shared Style, hit command option →. To switch back to creating a Symbol, hit command option ←.

Create Symbol

When you have selected Artboard or Group, it's not possible to create a Shared Text or Layer Style out of it. Runner then disables this option.

Create Shared Style

Based on selecting a Shape or a Text, you'll create the right Shared Style. With a Shape selected, you create a Layer Style. With a Text selected, a Text Style is created.

Naming Suggestions

Type / to show a list of Symbol or Style names that you've already used before. This helps to follow your naming convention easily.

Learn more about Text Styles or Layer Styles in the Sketch Documentation.

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