Components Browser (Beta)

A powerful window to manage and use your design components

Search and filtering sections

Search for all components at the same time or use the groups in the sidebar to filter on a specific set of components. You can also filter to only search within a selected Library.

Inserting components to the canvas

Drag and drop to add components to the canvas. You can also hit return and the selected componets are attached to your mouse cursor to then drop them anywhere ont the canvas.

Replace layers and apply styles

When you have a layer selected on the canvas, you can replace it with a selected Symbol by hitting option + return. When you have one or multiple text or shape layers selected, you can apply a style by using the same shortcut.

Batch rename components

You can drag components onto a group in the sidebar to rename and reorganize them. You can also rename a group in the sidebar to batch rename all of the containing components.

With the Keep window open setting turned off, dragging components will automatically hide the window. Hold Shift before you start dragging to keep the window open. You can then drop them on a group in the sidebar to rename them.

Renaming and reorganizing components only works for your open document. To edit components in a Library, open the Library first.

You can hit the tab or shift + tab keys to cycle through the three tabs.

Zoom the thumbnails

The slider in the top left allws you to adjust the number of columns for the previews. Depending on the side of the window it can fit more or less columns in it.

Hit command - or command + to zoom out and in.

Set up a shortcut

Using the Components Browser efficiently works best by opening it with a shortcut. You can do this in Runner Settings.


Keep window open

By default, the Browser window closes when you drag any component out, just like Runner Search. You can set it to keep the window open at all times via settings

Thumbnail backgrounds

The background color of the thumbnails matches the system theme by default. You can also force it to always use either light, dark, or transparent backgrounds.

Refresh the results

When you design with multiple documents open, the browser can sometimes manage itself to get out of sync. Use the Refresh button in the toolbar to fix this.

There are many ways you can use the Browser. Here is some inspiration on what could work for your situation.

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