RunBar is a powerful new toolbar that lives above the Sketch Canvas. It can be completely customized to your preferences. Go to Settings to adjust its setup.

Tutorial: RunBar Essentials

RunBar consists of 4 sections:

  • Quick Access Menu

  • History Navigator

  • JumpBar

  • Actions Bar

You can toggle each of the sections on or off in Runner Settings.

Quick Access Menu

This utility menu allows you to browse recently visited Artboards, Collapse All Groups in the Sketch Layer List, show and hide the Layer List and Toolbar, hide RunBar, open Runner Settings and access the Runner Help documentation.

History Navigator

Navigate forward and backward between recently visited Artboards using the left and right arrow icons positioned on the left side in RunBar.


The JumpBar is like a bread crumb path, and allows you to jump to any other Layer in your Document. With a Layer selected, it shows the full path from Page, through Artboard and Groups all the way to the selected Shape, Text, Bitmap, Slice, etc. Click on any section to start navigating the Layer tree from there.

Actions Bar

The Actions Bar has similar functionality as the Sketch Toolbar. You can customize it by adding any action to the bar. Unlike the native Toolbar, you can also add plugin actions to RunBar.

To reorder actions, hold command and drag items around. Drag an icon outside the Actions Bar to delete it.

Custom Icons for Plugins

You can add a custom icon for any plugin action. Drag and drop a .png on the icon to apply it. Dragging out the Preview of a Layer, or from the Layer List also works.

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